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Release Blitz: BREAKING FAITH (Contemporary Romance)

Breaking Faith

The JackholeS Series, Part 1

by Joy Eileen


Faith made the mistake of giving her heart to someone who didn’t deserve her. After making the decision to leave, she sought refuge at a bar full of misfits. They accepted Faith without question, and now they protect her as if she's family. While putting the pieces of her life back together, she fights to keep her broken heart from falling for the moody lead singer of the JackholeS. A man named Kill. Killian has his own demons to battle, yet Faith brings out his protective side: a side he thought he’d buried long ago. Can Faith and Kill trust each other long enough to leave their pasts behind and find love? Or is the past too overpowering to allow anyone a chance at happiness?

WARNING: This book contains explicit non-consensual sex scenes. It contains strong language and adult situations. This book is not intended for anyone under 18. This is a series so this book does not end with resolution. Don't worry the second book is already done and the third is being created. :)


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Realizing I was half naked and pressed against him, I slowly backed away. The immediate sadness from the removal of his electricity was staggering. 
His grin disappeared, and the laughter in his eyes was replaced with desire. I could see why girls all over Portland were infatuated with him. Just one fierce look, and I wanted to wrap myself around him until you couldn’t tell where he stopped and I began. 
I took the step I had just taken away from him back toward him. We both inhaled sharply when our bodies collided.
He pulled in his bottom lip, raking his teeth over it until it popped out. My attention became rapt on his bottom lip and I wanted to bite it like he had just done. 
The wet heat between my legs was on fire, and the only way I could think of getting rid of the burning ache was to have him buried deep within me. The look in his eyes, before my attention went to his lips, showed he was thinking the same thing. 
My tongue darted out, and he groaned, making his chest rumble. The sound caused my nipples to pebble, aching along with the rest of my body for his attention. 
He lowered his face to mine until our foreheads touched, our lips a breath away. Both of us were panting, the dull pain between my legs caused me to press my thighs together, trying to gain friction to help with the need building inside of me.

When I was about to break and press my lips to his, Kill turned around and stormed away, leaving me confused and unsatisfyingly hot.  

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About the author

Joy Eileen is a born bibliophile who becomes deeply engaged with her characters, and has devoured more books than she would like to admit. She becomes obsessed with happily-ever-afters, and will read any genre that fulfills that requirement. Evading the library is something she has been known to do, because after befriending the characters returning them would be a heartbreaking event. Books are held hostage on her bookshelf, and any author that makes her ugly cry becomes her sworn enemy. Nicholas Sparks is one of the many on the list of villains.

As a massage therapist, most of Joy's stories come to her while working. With the sound of classical music, and snoring from a half covered hostage, characters are created. The victim (massage patient) has no idea that while their body is being manipulated, Joy has traveled into distant lands creating landscapes and inhabitants as she goes. Her patients should be wary as sometimes they are pulled into her stories and turned into characters. Hero or Foe? Well, that depends on how they tip.

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Book Review: BREAKING FAITH (Contemporary Romance)

Breaking Faith

The Jackholes Series

By Joy Eileen
Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1hHNpP6
#ContemporaryRomance #Comedy #Drama

For those of you who have been following my reviews you may find it odd that I'm breaking from the Fantasy genre to review a Contemporary Romance. Ohh, but you don't know me so well, do you? I love romance in all its shades of glory: historical, contemporary, paranormal, Gothic, suspense . . . Fresh out of Nancy Drew books, my hormones first budded under the influence of Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart, but they fully bloomed during a period of Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen Woodiwiss. Romance and I have a long and sultry history. In fact, my affair with Romance has lasted well over twenty times that of my marriage that ended twenty years ago.

Without going into details about why my marriage was so blessedly short, I will say this. Breaking Faith hit very close to home. Now on to the review . . .

The opening of this story is the moment that Faith finally broke away from her abusive boyfriend, Jason. She's sitting outside a bar with a restraining order in her hand, at a true crossroads in life. The meager amount of belongings she managed to grab are stuffed in the trunk of her car and she has nowhere to stay that night. She's meeting some friends and hopes one of them will let her crash at their place, but she's covered in bruises and hasn't even shared her dark secret with them yet. The secret that Jason wasn't the perfect boyfriend. In fact, it was an illusion that was so twisted that even Jason believed he was the perfect boyfriend. But the reality of Faith's bruises, fractures and scars prove the illusion a lie. And stepping into the bar to expose her bruises will be her first step into breaking that illusion to her friends.

This story gives a raw, unadulterated view into the mind of a young woman with low self-esteem who ignores many red flags and gets sucked into a relationship with an abusive man. This woman, like so many women in this situation, is intelligent and kind, but she has been a loner most of her life and has never dealt with a situation like this before. Her nature is so giving, she doesn't have practice with putting herself first. She has finally managed to break free, but she is not, in any way, whole.

The beginning of the story alternates between Faith's first days of freedom and flashbacks of her relationship, so you get a good idea of how truly twisted Jason's mind is. Physical abuse is never just physical. It is emotional and mind bending. Jason built a fairytale facade of their relationship that he shared with the world and he, in fact, wouldn't even allow himself to see the true reality of the relationship. Jason's sickness was so deep rooted, he hid his abuse of Faith even from his own mind.

But this story isn't about Jason. This story is about Faith, broken and bruised, who steps through the door of Ray's bar and meets a new circle of friends, including the gorgeous Rock and Roll singer, Killian (Kill). This story is about how Faith starts to pull all the shattered pieces of herself together again, still tentatively glued in places, so full of holes if she were a vase, water would flow out of it like a sieve. But she does it, by sheer force of will. She doesn't even really believe she's worthy of love because of how terribly she has allowed herself to be treated by Jason, but slowly, she begins to remember that maybe she might be worth something.

Now this story isn't all dark drama. In fact, Faith has a sense of humor and has an ongoing monologue with her vagina who seems to have different opinions about the sexy Kill than her broken soul does. Part of Faith's healing is her insistence and success at denying her vagina its way because she knows she's not ready to delve into any sort of relationship until she has a better grasp of herself. Through the eyes of her new circle of friends and Kill, who actually adores her, she begins to shape a new and better self-image.

I recommend this story to contemporary romance lovers, lovers of truth, people who can quirk a smile in the face of great pain, and people who are brave enough to stand by the side of a not-so-perfect heroine and watch the sometimes agonizing and sometimes comedic process of her rebirth.

Lilo Abernathy

Author and Book Lover

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Book Review: WEAKEST LYNX (Supernatural Romance)

Weakest Lynx

The Lynx Series

By Fiona Quinn
Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1hdXLpH
#Supernatural #Psychic #Romance #Mystery

It's official, I'm a Quinn Fangirl. This book has been on my reading list for a while, but I had to get through publishing my latest in my series and I had a couple of books ahead of this. I finally got to it just the week before my 'break between writing books' ended. And boy am I glad I did. By the third chapter this story grabbed me with iron hooks and sucked me into a powerful vortex and a week later I emerged having read every single one of Ms. Quinn's books. I couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop. I hoped fervently she wrote under a pseudonym so I could find more books, but no dice. Yeah, it was like that. One more point before I'm on to the review. This book isn't a paranormal shifter novel and has absolutely nothing to do with a Lynx cat. Instead, it is ohh so much better . . .

Lexi is orphaned a year before the story takes place and a fire forces her out of an apartment building where she's lived as part of a close-knit community all her life. She's been unschooled. By that, the author means she hasn't gone to traditional school, but has instead been tutored by and has apprenticed with many people. Some of these people she calls her Grandma's. They're six elderly women of different ethnic backgrounds who teach her different languages and cultures.  Other tutors are more specialized, such as her training to fly airplanes, her martial arts training by Master Wang, or her training by Spyder, a special undercover operative of a group called Iniquus.

Lexi also has some special psychic and supernatural abilities. She can perform Reiki, which is a method of healing using energy transformation, she has psychic 'knowings', she can perform simple searches for lost things, and most startling of all, she can go 'beyond the veil'. I'm not going to tell you what that is, but let me just say, it is freaking cool. It happens during the most shocking climax of the book.

Spyder recognizes that Lexi is a genius operative in the making as a young teen between her unorthodox education, her martial arts training and her supernatural abilities. She becomes his secret weapon and puzzles out complex crime scenarios to find the truth.

All of this so far is background and as you can see, it's very rich. The story really starts the day after Lexi's wedding. It opens with Lexi on her way to speak with her friend, a father figure, to tell him about a threatening note she received on her wedding day. She's near tears and scared out of her mind because her husband left for service in Afghanistan that morning and she's alone. She didn't tell her husband about the threatening letter because she didn't want him focusing on her when his life was at stake on his own mission. She's never been the victim of a crime like this, or involved in dangerous situations before. She's only lent her mind to puzzle out the crimes against other people.

The person she really needs to speak with is Spyder, but he's been undercover for about a year and a half after the last big case she puzzled out. She hasn't heard from him and though he suggested she go to a man named Striker if she has problems, she is independent enough not to want to get their help. Since she's been working directly in secret with Spyder, she doesn't even think they will believe her. Well, after more threatening notes she realizes she's being stalked by a crazed serial killer.

I can't really tell you more without giving away major plot points. The story covers some brutal scenes and holds a strong thread of romance. This is a phenomenal story. We have a serial killer, a team of hunky special operatives, supernatural powers, a genius heroine, and romance. What more can you possibly want?

You can want the next two books in the series and more that the author hasn't even written yet. And you will. You will want it bad . . .

Lilo Abernathy

Author and Book Lover